Why would I need to stay in my home?

This may be because of hazardous chemicals or substances, smoke from nearby fires or an unknown risk in your neighbourhood. In these circumstances, it is sometimes better to stay indoors until advised otherwise.

You should:
Go In Go inside and stay away from doors and windows. Keep them closed.
Stay In Stay inside for as long as it is safe to do so.
Tune In Tune in to your local radio, TV and internet news channels - local emergency responders (e.g. police and fire services) will use these to give you information.
This Go in, Stay in, Tune in advice is recognised and used worldwide for major emergencies that require you to remain indoors. The following local radio stations will provide you with regular information as to what is happening BUT REMEMBER there may be a possibility that your electricity supply has been affected and so we also recommend that you buy a wind up or battery operated radio and a supply of batteries as a back up.

Go in Stay in Tune inLocal radio stations

click on the following links for latest information updates and to listen online:

You may be required to remain in your home for a longer period than expected and so you should keep sufficient supplies that meet your household needs for at least 72 hours.

Remember to think about what you would need if your electricity, gas or water supply was cut off as a result of the incident.

Your stock list should include:

  • Long-life food and bottled water (2.5 litres per person per day to allow for drinking)
  • Pet food (if required)
  • Camping stove Candles/matches
  • First aid kit
  • Manual tin opener
  • Torch and batteries
  • Personal medication supplies