Advice for Specific Risks

  • Pandemic Flu
    Pandemic influenza is one of the most severe natural challenges likely to affect the UK. The partners of the NWLRF work together and with Government guidance, to prepare for a pandemic influenza to help reduce the impact of its effects.
  • Industrial Incidents
    Certain industrial activities involving dangerous substances, including within North Wales, Nuclear, have the potential to cause accidents. Some of these accidents may cause serious injuries to people or damage to the environment. Much has been done to help prevent industrial accidents and to minimise their effects.
  • Heatwave
    Severe heatwaves are relatively uncommon in Wales. However, the experience across Northwest Europe in 2003 when 27,000 people died as a direct cause of the heatwave that year, is a reminder that heat can be fatal. In case of a heatwave, make sure you look after your own health and that of your family. It is not just children who need special attention; be aware that elderly people are also at risk, and make sure they are being checked on.
  • Snow and cold weather
    In recent years the UK has experienced periods of low temperatures and persistent snowfall which can have dramatic effects on every day life. These have caused increases in injuries due to accidents and falls, failure of communications and power supplies and closure of transport networks.
  • Flooding
    The NWLRF has arrangements in place to monitor and respond to flooding in North Wales. The NWLRF and Natural Resources Wales work closely to ensure arrangements are in place to assist communities affected by flooding.